Unlike any other adaptive learning technology on the market today, the revolutionary MorphEDU platform adapts in real time to every interaction a student makes, both within and between lessons.

Using current data as part of Multi-Tiered Support Services (MTSS) and Response to Intervention (RTI) helps identify students who are not making adequate progress in the core curriculum and are at risk for poor learning outcomes. Armed with true understanding, teachers can provide interventions appropriate to the student’s level of need and responsiveness.

Computers have been employed within the field of education for many years, often with disappointing results. However, recent and current research within the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is having a positive impact on educational applications. For example, there now exist ICAI (intelligent computer-assisted instruction) systems to teach or tutor many different subjects; several such systems are discussed herein. In addition to CAI (computer-assisted instruction) systems, we discuss the development of learning environments that are designed to facilitate student-initiated learning. A third major application is the use of expert systems to assist with educational diagnosis and assessment.

Involving teachers, students and parents in co-designing new tools so that AIEd addresses real needs of the classroom and other learning environments.

Embedding proven pedagogical techniques in the design of new AIEd-powered edtech products.

Creating smart demand for commercial grade AIEd products that work.